Our goal, mobility for all

In order to guarantee and facilitate mobility for all, Moventia has launched a number of projects that revolve around a desire to integrate those suffering from mobility problems.


To improve the user experience on board the vehicles, they are fitted with a bus stop notification system that announces the next stop in advance both visually and audibly to guarantee information accessibility for everyone. The bus stop notification is linked to the OSIS - the transport operation management system - that transmits all the vehicle position information from the line in real-time, identifying the previous and subsequent stops. These notifications can usually be displayed on high-contrast high-brightness electronic panels, even announcing the various connections with other transport systems (underground, railway, etc.).

At present, Moventis is working on various projects using Navilens technology. Based on so-called BIDI codes, it means that any transport system can be given full accessibility for the visually-impaired, offering full assistance in their access to the service via their mobile device. The system makes it possible to report any service incident to the bus stops in real time, as well as bus waiting times and other information of interest to users. It should be noted that this same system can include a whole range of content adapted to sign language users, the use of pictograms or flexible written text in order to facilitate interaction with users with special needs

All buses in the fleet are fitted with acoustic and visual warnings around the passenger door to make it easier for those with visual and/or sensory impairment to locate it. Whenever a bus is approaching the bus stop, an audible announcement is activated to inform users about the details of the service and its destination, as well as any other pre-recorded message. This support service for those waiting at the bus stop can be used to both identify the service they wish to use and locate the passenger door. The external speaker is fixed to the front of the bus.

To provide the visually-impaired with access to the detailed information about journeys and lines in the Moventis journey planner, the app settings allow users to choose between four high-contrast themes (recommended by ONCE): Look&Feel Moventis as the system default, yellow on black, red on green or white on purple. Similarly, the blind can also use the journey and line search platform on the Moventis website that will soon be adapted for use with the most popular screen readers in the market: NVDA and ChromeVox.

The vehicles in our fleet are fitted with ramps or platforms to make it easier for wheelchair users or people with pushchairs to get on the bus as quickly and comfortably as possible. Furthermore, a space and certain seats are reserved for people with reduced mobility, physical injuries, the elderly, pregnant women and adults carrying babies.

TCC specialises in transport for passengers with special needs. Its bus fleet has been especially designed for this population group, and so have all operational procedures and working methods.

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