Moventia counts on the reliability of their own teams to guarantee the best service to their reference environment: collaborators, customers, administrators and other public institutions, etc.


Moventia aims at the constant research of best alternatives for a sustainable, effective, efficient and safe mobility, which provides the necessary suitable resources to provide the best solution to the market expectations.


Moventia has an integrated management system which is solid, committed to its environment and based on certified quality systems that facilitate the achievement of the maximum expected excellence levels.


The talent in Moventia gets enriched by the charisma, involvement, proactivity and compromise from their collaborators to ensure the best customers satisfaction indexes. 


Honesty as the main axis of Moventia values, it is understood as the respect towards truth in relation to the world, the facts and people, guaranteeing security and transparency of their activities in every scope it is developed.


In Moventia we are committed to society that surrounds us by being aware of their needs in a respectful and straightforward way.


The mission and values of our business group stem directly from those of our family:
To respond to the mobility needs of people and organisations based on a comprehensive offer and extensive experience in the automotive industry to anticipate new habits and incorporate innovative and sustainable technologies.


Moventia is a family business that was set up in 1923. Throughout its long history, it has been responding to the mobility needs of people and organisations.

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