ITS for transport

Zeus, ERP system for transport

Moventia's proprietary ERP for transport. We perform the implementation, training and maintenance of ZEUS ERP system. The software manages and interacts in real time with buses, bases, routes, ticketing systems, commercial CRM, traffic and fleet management, human resources, finance and management of statistics and monitoring indicators at the different levels of the company.


Mobile applications for transport

TCC conducts the study and development of mobile applications, connecting to the static and dynamic information of the network using GIS systems, to show the user wher the nearest stop is, wich lines stop and the schedules.


Interactive Realtime Transport Web design

As in Mobile applications, TCC takes the shot requirements, creates the functional structure and if desired, develops the entire web. TCC is specialist in websites, providing fully interactive and informative real-time service a directly connected to SAEI.


Network Information on social networks

Social networks allow us today to have a bidirectional and immediate contact with our users. That is why we manage several Twitter channels to inform, among other things, the impact of scheduled and unscheduled. This system can also be activated alerts via email or SMS. Therefore we define how that communication should be.


NFC and QR Codes in stops

Implementation of information systems to help inform the user via QR codes and / or NFC technology, where the user can check the waiting time for the next bus at the stop where he is.


Implementation of business intelligence systems and Balanced Scorecards

In order to properly operate a transport network it is necessary to have all the information in a single system. In TCC we have the experience in implementing balance scorecard systems and business intelligence focused on the management for a multimodal transport company.


AVL / AVM System

The Automatic Vehicle Localization / Automatic Vehicle Monitoring system to control of the working state of the fleet is twofold. Internally, to support the operation by controlling, monitoring and enforcing a strict control of the exploitation, providing with the expected indicators of quality and reliability. And externally, it provides information to the user, to maximize the perception of service quality. In TCC we define and implement such AVL / AVM projects.


Hastus software Implementation

The HASTUS suite today sets the standard for bus, subway, tram, and light rail scheduling and operations. In TCC we specialize in the implementation of this software.


Prisma maintenance software implementation

TCC is an expert in introducing the Prisma software for the optimization of the mainteinance management of the fleet and depots.


Ticketing solutions


Implementation of contactless ticketing solutions:

  •  Feasibility analysis
  •  Analysis of requirements
  •  Financial and economic model
  •  Drafting of specifications for bid


Online ticket recharge

Moventis implemented the first online recharging system of contactless cards for transport in Spain. The user can recharge its card through the restricted client area by using its username and password. Once the payment is made, the user can use its card in the bus through the contactless system until the balance runs out of money again.


eCommerce for transport titles

We create web ecommerce systems to sell transport titles while booking the seat for intercity lines of medium and long length, or for touristic transports. Once the purchase is done on the website of the operator, the user can print the ticket or show it to the driver directly from the mobile screen. By using this tool, the user eases the proper management of places in the bus.


Fraud management

We give responses to fraud control, as well as define the necessary operational, inspection processes and define of the main indicators of quality.

  • Definition of inspection plans for reducing external fraud
  • Definition of inspection plans for reducing internal fraud
  • Defining of the closure plans for stations in metro systems to reduce fraud
  • Feasibility studies for the deployment of private security on transport networks
  • Implementation of information systems tailored to reducing fraud
  • Feasibility analysis of new ticketing solutions to reduce fraud


Through our subsidiary TCC, Moventia has extensive experience in international project consultancy

At Moventia, we are part of the history of public transport beyond the boundaries of our territory and have taken part in numerous projects around the world.

Through its subsidiary  TCC - Transports Ciutat Comtal, Moventia offers transport consultancy services to offer a global perspective on all the necessary aspects for perfect operation of a transport system. We conduct demand planning studies, prepare the functional requirements for the operation, undertake route streamlining projects, plan urban and inter-urban mobility, implement information technology and systems for transport management, design and implement ticketing systems and undertake feasibility studies and the implementation of tram and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems. 

To request further information on past projects or if you would like to launch a project with Moventia, click here.

Some of the projects we have been involved include:

Dhaka (Bangladesh)

  • Client: DTCA (Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority)
  • BRT line
  • Project description: Consultancy and Technical Assistance: redesign of the urban bus network and operational support.
  • Year: 2012-2017


Mexicali (Mexico)

  • Client: Mexicali City
  • Bus
  • Project description: Consultancy: design of the payment system based on contactless cards.
  • Year: 2013


El Salvador (Salvador)

  • Client: Transport Authority of Salvador
  • BRT
  • Project description: Consultancy and technical assistance on the unification of the tariff with the contactless card system and the clearinghouse for the BRT 
  • Year: 2013-2015

Tegucigalpa (Honduras)

  • Client: Tegucigalpa City
  • BRT line
  • Project description: Consultancy: design of the payment system based on contactless cards.
  • Year: 2014


Dhaka (Bangladesh)

  • Client: DTCA (Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority)
  • BRT line
  • Project description: Consultancy: design of the payment system based on contactless cards.
  • Year: 2013
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