Moventia, a benchmark in service quality

At Moventia, we not only want to meet expectations but always improve on quality standards. Perfectly accustomed to public institutions and automotive industry manufacturers demanding high levels of quality, this factor has become one of the main hallmarks of the company. For this reason, we work constantly - either through new technologies or new management processes - on improving the quality perceived by users and customers, as well as that perceived by members of the Moventia family with whom we strive to achieve maximum satisfaction in the workplace by guaranteeing their personal and professional development.

We place the customer at the heart of everything

In order for a customer to trust us, it is not enough to simply offer a service or product that meets their needs; that service or product must be of sufficient quality for the user to be completely satisfied with their choice. For this reason, and with a clear desire to satisfy our customers and users, Moventia is committed to the quality of both its services and the management thereof.

Moventia has established a work protocol that consists of conducting internal and external audits and seeking to anticipate customer needs before they arise.

We guarantee quality

Moventia meets ISO 9001:2001 standards (“Quality Management”), which introduce the need for each company to define its Quality Policy, Top Management Involvement, Planning, Ongoing Improvement, Customer Satisfaction Assessment, etc.

We also meet UNE-EN 13816 standards, which specifically relate to passenger quality by establishing a common framework for defining quality of service in public passenger transport and considers two perspectives: administration and operators; and current and potential customers. These standards define four views on quality:

  • Expected: Bearing in mind that it could be conditioned by promises and commitments, characteristic of the socio-economic environment and media.
  • Objective: Depending on operator efficiency, administration effectiveness and environmental conditions.
  • Produced/Delivered: The real level of quality achieved in daily operations.
  • Perceived: The level of quality perceived by passengers on their journey

Furthermore, the Moventia companies undergo internal and external audits aimed at determining customer satisfaction and assessing the real level of quality being offered.

We recently won the following awards with Movento and Moventis:

  • Sensia Award with Stern Motor. Click here to learn more.
  • Sarsa in Castellar del Vallès, one of the best Volkswagen garages in Spain. Click here to learn more.
  • Sarsa in Granollers and Vic, recognised by Audi for customer satisfaction. Click here to learn more.
  • TCC and Authosa, recipients of the Environmental Quality Guarantee hallmark. Click here to learn more.
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